Special Orders

In most cases, we sell product right off our floor if it is just the way you want it, but we do a very large portion of our business as special orders, particularly in upholstery. People want different fabrics, different styles of exposed wood legs, different seat cushion density, and with sectionals, different configurations. We are very skilled at choosing fabrics so feel free to bring photos (in your phones) to show us the room you are working with. We promise to keep you from making any huge mistakes! If you’re thinking of a sectional, even a crude sketch of the room with the dimensions and location of doors, windows, fireplace and TV is a huge help.


Some of our suppliers are willing to do COM (Customer’s Own Material) if you wish to use your own fabric. And likewise, we can sell you cut yardage of fabrics offered my the manufacturers we carry. We caution, however, that this gets to be expensive.